Of late, Instagram users specifically, have become aware that they can monetize from the selling of their personal or professional social media accounts. Some, will just flip and create a new one from fresh having already sold their main. Hence why more users are willing to find out their accounts worth when it comes to selling. Moreover, web architects, businessmen, marketeers and investors in general are very much interested in buying high profile Instagram and other social accounts. This helps them boost their sales, which will, in turn, help them to push the number of people they can reach and engage with their product or service. However, most of them are unaware of the real value of their social media account.

In this post, you will get an idea of what you can do with your Instagram account and how to sell them.

How to gauge the real worth of your Instagram account?

There are no well-defined rules to determine the real value of your account. It all depends on the number of followers you have, the niche you have chosen and the value your followers generate in terms of engagement. The selling of your Instagram account is the same as of any product and you can get started here for free.

There are certain tools that can help you come up with the right price for your account. At Influencer Marketing Hub, you can have a solid guess regarding how much you could be earning per post with the account you intend to sell. This will give you an idea of what your current account can potentially make for the seller, therefore, boosting your account’s value and selling price.

We did a test with one of our listed accounts, @bravesoul.co and this is the result:

Worth of my instagram account

After analyzing the above data, we could potentially be selling the account for around 3-5 times the top earnings per post as a suitable price acquisition. Realistically, taking into consideration the engagement level in terms of comments and likes based on the follower base, we will be looking to explore the $350 mark.

What are the things which buyers look for in your account?

The buyers want an account to help promote their products/services. The more brandable your account is, the more value it has.

How much your account is active determines the value of your account. If your contents attract lots of comments or your contents hold the interest of the readers for a long time, you can sell your account for a higher value. On the contrary, if your account is inactive, you will receive lower bids. So, if you are looking to sell your account, we highly recommend getting some posts flowing beforehand.

Additionally, the niche you have chosen also determines your Instagram account’s worth. The Niches like health and fitness, pet products, fashion garments, are in high demand for example.

Another criteria which buyers follow, regards to your account’s demographic insights. How old is your audience, where do they come from and what language do they speak. It is paramount that you are very clear on this when selling your account. EU/US audiences, from experience are the ones that tend to do really well and are in high demand. However, it all depends on the buyers purpose, some may need another kind of targeting.

How to hunt for a buyer?

In most of the cases, the buyers will find you. Either from Instagram directly or through platforms like Flippagram. However we highly recommend using a third party escrow service when dealing with buyer you don’t know. Paypal can also be highly effective as you have the assurance that they will dispute your case if needed. Be cautious and take your necessary measures before giving away your account details.



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