How to grow your Instagram account organically?

Growing your Instagram organically account today is not as simple as it was a few years back, however there’s a couple of steps you can take to really scale it. The fact that there are 1 billion Instagram users doesn’t make it easy to grow your product or improve sales. You have to be diligent and promote your brand in a smart way to increase exposure. Moreover, with the rise of influencers, you could be sitting on top of a gold mine or not, it all depends how you map your strategy. Below we will share 5 steps you can take to boost your Instagram account organically.


1) Target people who share similar interests.

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You can find out people who share a similar interest to you or your brand. Targeting users per standard demographic is not as effective as you may think. Enable a strategy that involves your direct and indirect competition, target their user base and provide valuable content that they wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else but on your account should be your first step. Content is king when it comes to Instagram, use it wisely. This way, you will have a higher follower retention rate and an increase in willingness to try your product.


2) Work out an impressive profile.

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Have a nice bio on your Instagram page. You may also include the top 5 hashtags that relate to your brand. The people who peek into your profile will read your feed and stories before they proceed to hit like. Your bio is a great way to showcase who you are as a brand, tell your why and have them engaged from their first experience. Next, you have to think of organizing your daily work by posting posts on Instagram. A well-written bio, along with highly informative writing pieces would help you hold the interest of the readers and solidify your brand position within your network. The curious visitors will become faithful followers, within no time.

3) Understand the working style of competitors.

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Once you have understood your audience, the next step is to understand how your competitors work, and the quality of their content. See what kind of actions they do on social, whether that includes giveaways, competitions or actions with third party influencers. The key resides in creating eye-catching and engaging content that will keep your followers connected. If you don’t know much about something, don’t write on that topic. Stick to the appearance of your content, and the value added of your product. Post your contents regularly, from one post a day as minimum, to allure your current and potential followers to stay connected.

4) Comment or Like similar posts.

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If you feel your content should attract views, you have to comment on other’s posts that are similar to yours to get people talking. The best way is for you to engage with indirect competition, where your product is related but not a prime challenge. This will allow you to increase visibility and also create a sense of community around a particular topic or niche. You have to just visit others’ posts, and initiate a conversation asking or answering questions, even just for small talk, this will be a great compliment to your entire Instagram strategy.

5) Hashtag Strategy.

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Instagram’s most optimum exposure method relies solely on hashtags. An effective hashtag strategy can take your product from the unknown all the way to something new and fresh. At this stage, you will have to conduct deep research and a couple of tests to really see which hashtags are the ones for you. Remember that the optimum number of hashtags per post is 30, however we recommend adding a bit less and avoid hashtags that have been blocked due to spam or unwanted content. Additionally, we highly recommend changing hashtags on every post you make to reach different audiences related to your niche. The more content a hashtag has, the more difficult will be to position your content well, specially if your account doesn’t have a strong follower base yet.

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